Conscious vs. Nonconscious

The Conscious Mind

• Approximately 10% of your mind's ability.

•  It is associated with the Beta and Alpha brain wave cycles.

• Related to all your waking activities, all activity that you encounter while awake.

• Handles short term memory, it can handle handle and process one thing at a time.

• Capable of decision making and selective action. It is the data analyzer.

• Associated with logical reasoning.

• Controls all voluntary bodily functions. Speech, arm and leg movement for instance are all controlled through the power of choice.


The Nonconscious Mind (Also referred to as the Subconscious mind, Pre-conscious mind, Unconscious mind)

• Accounts for an approximate 90% of our mind's ability.

• Stores all past and present memories used in decision making.

• Is programmable through visual and audible intake.

• Can not tell the difference between truth or fiction, bad or good.

• Responsible for all involuntary bodily functions. Respiratory, digestion, heart rate, and others are handled by the nonconscious mind in partnership with the
Autonomic Nervous System

• Governs emotional aspects to include fear, love, and happiness.

•  Responsible for dream manifestation.

• Associated with the Theta, and Delta brain wave cycles