About Us and Affirmations FAQs

Affirmations is a new affirmations resource designed to inspire affirmation users with creativity and community values. Our affirmation database includes thousands of positive affirmations submitted by our users over the past years and is free for all account holders to take advantage of. Affirmations was started to help give the community of affirmation users an easy yet powerful resource for finding and using personal affirmations. We invite everyone to enjoy in the easy use of our site with its handy and helpful Affirmation Gallery with included Affirmation Manager. 

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about our site and the use of our site. If you feel that the provided information below does not meet your exact situation or address your needs, please contact me directly using the Contact Us link in the top menu.

What are the benefits of being a free Affirmations member?

Joining is free and carries no hidden charges to you whatsoever. Our system allows the user to search through our database of positive affirmations and add selected affirmations to their account. These affirmations can be sorted within your account for easy access as you change your goals. You have the ability to create your own categorized folders, organize saved affirmations, comment on affirmations, and create and share new affirmations all from your personal Affirmation Manager. In addition you can also invite other users to join with you as friends, share support through comments on each other's profiles, and more.

Affirmations encourages user participation among its community. Through supportive interaction, everyone can benefit in a positive manner progressing forward with their goal achievement. Attaining goal achievement is easier when you have a support group of friends to help you maintain your course.

How to use the Affirmations site

Using our site is really simple. At the top of the page, you will see an Affirmations link. Click this link to open the Affirmations Gallery of Recent Affirmations. From here, you can either start scrolling through the random affirmations in the shown list or you can do a search for a topic related to your needs. To do this, simply enter a related keyword to the topic of your choice. An example would be to search for health affirmations simply using the keyword "Health". 

You can refine your search a little more using this process. An example, if you were looking for health in the form of fitness,  try using the keywords "fitness", "exercise", or "workout" to name a few. This will deliver more specific targeted affirmation selections.

I Found An Affirmation, Now What?

When you find an affirmation you like, simply click the green "ADD" button to add it to your account. Your affirmation selection will be added to your account where you can additionally categorize it under the folder of your choice.

Why Rate Affirmations?

Rating affirmations helps others to know what affirmations are good. There are a lot of new users to affirmations that visit the site and they are looking for the help of others to start them in the right direction. Sometimes affirmations are not entirely worded correctly. Where we do try to manage all affirmations that come through our database, sometimes a few may get by unchecked. It is the community involvement that helps us to maintain a professional affirmation database that offers the best affirmations to the community users of this site. Rating is simple, simply check the star you think the affirmation rates at. Any affirmations that don't make the cut and have a low rating by users are generally discarded from public view.

How Do I Remove Unwanted Affirmations From My Account?

To remove affirmations from your account, simply click the "REMOVE" button and the affirmation will be removed from your account completely. This process does not remove the affirmation form the system or the database however, even if you were the original submitter of the affirmation. The affirmation will stay in the gallery for everyone to see and use.

Creating Categorized Folders

To create a folder directory in which to organize your affirmations, simply use the "Create Folder" option at the top of your My Affirmations page. Simply enter a title for the folder, there is a 15 character limit. Once you have created your title for your new directory folder, click "SUBMIT". Your new folder will be shown in the My Folders section on the right side of your My Affirmations page. 

Deleting Categorized Folders

If you no longer want a folder that you have created, simply click the "X" delete icon next to the folder name. This will delete the folder only but will not delete the affirmations from your account. Any affirmations stored in the deleted folder will return to your account as a decategorized affirmation, you can choose to "REMOVE" them from here or you can categorize them to another folder.

How to make friends?

In most cases, you are not the only person in the world that has your particular goal ambition in mind. There are probably many people with the same similar goals as yours. You can see some of the user profiles for the affirmations you select on the affirmation details page. Click to visit the users profile and see if you can connect with them as a friend. The two of you can support each other in your pursuit of goal achievement for this particular goal and possibly others. You can share other ideas, products, solutions through the chat system. You may find that you have a lot more in common and build an even stronger relationship with each other.

How can I help?

We encourage user participation to the fullest. If you have an article you would like to submit or ideas for the site that you feel could be of further benefit to others, please let us know. We will review all suggestions and make improvements per our users requests based on importance and helpfulness. All approved articles will be credited to the originator of the article with a backlink to your website, blog, or Facebook page as long as the linked page is of a tasteful nature.

Do you accept donations?

If you would like to make a donation, we would surely be appreciative. Where our mission and goal for this site is to help provide affirmation users with a resource they can benefit from, it is also very time consuming and costly to upkeep the effort. Donations are always welcome and can be submitted through Paypal for security. We do acknowledge users on our site that make donations with a special thanks acknowledgement link. Thank you in advance for your consideration in donating to help support our efforts for this site.

Site related problems?

If you experience any site related problems with either your account in specific or within the functioning of the website, please send us an email through using our Contact Us link in the top menu. Be sure to state your issue in as much explicit detail as you can. We will look into the problem for you immediately and will contact you with further details on the solution. Please understand that browser issues can arise overnight in some cases when browsers change their programming behaviors, sometimes it is a quick fix, sometimes it might take a little longer. Please be assured that we will work quickly to repair all problems to the best of our abilities.